Accepting Yourself

Accepting Yourself

The best way to overcome your inferiority complex is to just accept yourself the way you are. You may have heard people say “Just be yourself.” It may not be easy to follow the advice, but it works. But this in no way means that you will continue to have poor habits, thoughts, feelings, and results.

Accepting Yourself, Acting, Realizing,You need to take a step that goes beyond being the way you are, which is accepting yourself. In simple words, you need to be aware of your limitations, without being tied down by them. You need to know your strengths and potential too. Ideally, you should know you are unique and should still be able to grow as a person and ’not just be happy being yourself.’ Even while trying to better yourself, you need to know that whatever the result of your efforts, you will always continue to be unique.

Sometimes, even when someone accepts that he is a unique individual, he does not believe it. He may consciously accept his uniqueness but won’t stop comparing himself with others or may continue measuring himself against false yardsticks, which will make him feel all the more inferior. This means he is measuring himself against these imaginary standards; he is likely to not accept his uniqueness.

So, next time you feel inferior, question those thoughts and delve deeper into the reasons for such feelings. More importantly, acknowledge and understand that the people you are measuring yourself against are not the right measuring stick. You are you, just as they are they i.e., your life, situation, and relationships may be poles apart from theirs. You want to free yourself of complexes and to measure your growth, start comparing yourself with who you were before.

If you are shy in conversations, don’t compare yourself with extrovert personalities. Instead, check how you have overcome your shyness, and are better off than you were a month ago. Derive satisfaction from knowing that you are slowly opening up. Everyone carries different emotional baggage; no one would have experienced the same situations, people, events, thoughts, and feelings. You have a whole set of unique people around you including your family, friends, co-workers, and so on. So, there is no reason to compare your emotional baggage with others’.

Another common mistake that people make is to believe in perfectionism. Don’t fool yourself by believing that you need to arrive at your goal to enjoy yourself. Instead, enjoy the journey as you know that you are gradually progressing and becoming more confident. By adopting this attitude, you will be able to accept and honor your uniqueness.

Majority of people (around 90%) have some inferiority complex. How can you be sure that the one you are comparing yourself with is perfect? In all likelihood, your perceived standards are a joke. So, instead of comparing yourself with others, who may also be striving to improve or may be unconscious of their imperfections, focus on growing into a better person. Your mantra should simply be that neither are you inferior to anyone nor are you superior to anyone. Treat everyone, including yourself as a unique individual. We all are ourselves. You are you and our friend Manisha is Manisha. A part of the secret in overcoming the inferiority complex is to remain different and not comply with ’standards’ (which 90% of the population don’t fit into anyway).

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