Awaken Yourself

Awaken Yourself

Awaken Yourself, ActingBeing an actor means having the potential to be able to feel everything – the obsession of a person in love, the struggle of a freedom fighter, the shyness of a new bride, dejection on losing in love, the ordinariness of a middle-class person, the pain of a parent who has lost his child, the identity crisis of a teenager, the thrill of a maniac who has just committed murder, the happiness of a mother on meeting her children after many years, and lots more.

Good actors are flexible and prepare themselves for any role. However, to do justice to the role, first they need to feel the emotion that would naturally arise in a given situation. As an aspiring actor, you too will need to increase your sensitivity to your feelings. You need to know your own self in and out and then use that knowledge as a springboard to develop yourself. In short, you need to awaken yourself. This implies that you should conduct a deep introspection of your own self with an objective attitude.

as a first step towards becoming an actor, a lot of introspection is required on your part. During this phase of introspection, you realize that we are not always neutral or un-biased as people. Due to our upbringing, circumstances and conditioning, we have some blocks, inhibitions, complexes, fears and tensions that get accumulated in us over a period of time. As we grow, these tensions and inhibitions form tension points in our body. Holding back unspoken words, thoughts and the emotions create habitual pattern of tension in us.

After good introspection, your next challenge will be to relax your mind and body. Relaxation is necessary for any creative task and the same is true for acting. It is next to impossible to focus on the subtle process of creation with a tense mind or a strained body. The inability to relax shatters your ability to perform a believable character. If you go on the stage or in front of the camera with a tense mind, it’s very likely that the audience will tend to focus on the resulting nervous mannerisms rather than the actions of your character. These mannerisms belong to you as a person and not to the character you are portraying. This is sure to negatively influence the effect you need to have as a believable character. To sum up, as an actor you need to break free from the ‘conditioning’ and be able to recognize, access, allow, and adapt your feelings for the given scene and character.

So, how do you go about it? The most important step towards developing emotional accessibility and flexibility is to get to know your mind and body and make sure these are open and accessible to your impulses. Once you have achieved that, it will become easier for you to express yourself naturally and without inhibitions.

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