Basic Movement Exercises

Basic Movement Exercises

Basic Movement ExercisesMovement exercises are not meant to be vigorous, as they are not designed for muscle building. These are gentle exercises for relaxation. You are not supposed to feel pain. Given here are some movement exercises:

Standing Exercises

Spread your legs and then bend over forward. Try to touch the floor with your stretched fingers. Raise yourself slowly to an erect position.

With your feet apart, sway gently from side to side. Try to sway rhythmically. Return slowly to an erect position.

Begin as swaying, but build up the swaying to a vigorous swing that takes you in a full circle. On the rebound, continue with two or three strong swings, then a full circle in the opposite direction.

Clench and Release
Hold out each arm. Keep the fists clenched. Then allow both arms to drop heavily to each side. Rest.

Just as you close your hand to form a fist, do the same with your feet, arching them as much as possible. Then allow them to relax.

Lock your knees and then loosen them.

Round and Rest
Make your shoulders round and let your arms hang loosely. Return to normal shoulder position. Rest

Tilt and Swing
Tilt your head downwards. Let it hang loosely. Swing it gently to your left and right. Then, let your head flop backwards. Again, swing it gently to your left and right. Let it fall to your chest.

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