Body Movement for Actors

Body Movement for Actors

Body Movement for ActorsThe idea of movement is to make the actor aware of his body and explore his body for the purpose of expression. The objective of understanding movement is to make sure that you as a student of acting identify with the body dynamics. The actors should be able to think beyond the boundary of words when it comes to acting or expression. He/she should be able to communicate to the audience and to the co-actors without using any written script. Understanding of body dynamics also enriches you to develop your own way of alternate expression. It is like a starting point for the actor to get into the physicality of the character. This gradually develops into finding psychological gesture of the character and also the movement of the actor in the scene.

What would an actor do when he is asked to act but is not provided any script or lines? The actor need not despair as he can still act using some sound. But, how will an actor enact a scene where everything has to be communicated only through gestures or actions? Where the actor is not even allowed to open his or her mouth and still act? Sounds difficult, doesn’t it? Well, remember, if this is the case, you still have your body and your face to express and communicate.

In this lesson, our aim is to help you understand how to make use of the body and face for effective expression and communication.

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