Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance, Dance, Acting, Dance and Films,Bollywood dance is the form of dance used in the Indian films. This dance form uses numerous styles that include belly-dancing, kathak, Indian folk, Western popular, and “modern,” jazz, and even Western erotic dancing. In Bollywood films song and dance are must-haves. Bollywood dance cannot be put down to one type of dance as it borrows from many different local and regional dance forms. Despite this, it is surprisingly recognizable. Bollywood dancing has changed tremendously over the years.

Traditional Dance Elements

Hindi films before 1960 were based on classical and folk dance. Both “classical dance” and “folk dance” are so diverse, that it is only natural to find considerable variations. Not surprisingly, early films from south India were inspired by the art of Bharat Natyam and Kuchipudi while Hindi/ Urdu films were under the influence of Kathak or the “mujra” dances that were associated with the tawaifs. These influences are there even today. The only difference is that they have become mixed with many more dance styles and their origins are almost unrecognizable.

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