Bollywood Romantic Numbers and Duets

Bollywood Romantic Numbers and Duets

Bollywood films would be incomplete without a song and dance sequence. In fact, most Bollywood films would be incomplete without the numerous songs and dances between the hero and heroine. Songs can be about romance, playful, or sad. Songs about festivals (e.g., Holi), or the stars and the moon, and most everything that nature has for us including animals can also be heard in our movies. Remember songs like Chun Chun karti Aayi Chidiya or Chal Chal chal mere haathi.

Bollywood Romantic Numbers and Duets, Bollywood Dance, Dance and Films, DanceRomantic numbers have been at the heart of Hindi movies from the first talkies. However, dance has not necessarily been an essential ingredient in these songs. Historically, the hero and heroine wander singing a song in an environment like a garden. Any intimate activity between the hero and heroine was suggested by camera’s moving off-screen to shots of birds and trees. This way, a film would never run into trouble with the censors. Following closely behind the romantic song is the playful number. Separating the romantic from the playful is not always easy as in both cases, the hero and heroine are expressing their undying love for each other. Playful numbers have a lot of dancing in them. In the early days, there was a lot of playful dancing around trees. However today, such songs are filmed on exotic Indian or foreign locations.

The dance forms of these playful numbers have seen a great change in style over the years. At the beginning, they may have centered around classical or folk dance, but today, Bollywood dance has evolved to a stage where it has its very own dance forms. In the early days, some moves could hardly fit the definition of dancing. Jerky untrained though very much rhythmic movements of Shammi Kapoor come to mind. From all this jumping around certain definite moves began to take shape. The playful love song of today springs from an identifiable set of moves, some of which might be rooted in distinctive dance traditions; but others that are unique to Bollywood.

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