Creative Imagination

Creative Imagination

All animals are per-programmed to perform a set of functions that enables them to survive – right from feeding to protecting themselves. Look at how a chameleon changes its colors or how some fishes automatically swim to their birthplace to breed and you would know the simple yet effective preprogramming that nature does.

Creative Imagination, Acting, Ego, RealizingLike animals, we too are preprogrammed with a set of functions that enable us to fend for ourselves, protect ourselves from threats, and procreate. The only difference, however, is that we are goal-driven. Also, we have the option to choose our goals, whereas animals cannot do so. Animals are preprogrammed from birth to live a life in a certain way. They eat, sleep, interact with their environment and procreate. They lack intellectual faculties beyond those required for their survival. Human beings, on the other hand, can think beyond their capacity and create goals. They can sketch out a plan of action and set out on a course to achieve their goals with the aid of creative imagination.

When we say creative imagination, we do not refer merely to the exercise of coming up with ideas; though it is a wonderful technique to generate ideas. We refer to the ability to dream goals and visualize them so clearly that the nervous system and the whole self believes that these visualizations are our reality! In fact, you can trick and train your entire body into feeling that you are experiencing a realistic situation when you are just using your creative imagination to come up with projections.

Unfortunately, not many people use their creative imagination to its maximum potential. It is as if they have a trunk of treasure in their backyard and they do not try to open it. In fact, it is more like they have a trunk of treasure in their hands but they are wary of it. This makes them feel that they are burdened with the impossibility of getting through life by carrying it around. They let this great chance go to complete waste. Creative imagination is like the genie that’s waiting for your command; it’s waiting for you to ask for great happiness, success, and contentment in relationships, only if you know how to ask. However, unless you put this inner giant to use, it will lie dormant, in a sleepy, lazy state, and do nothing in your life.

First common way in which people waste creative imagination is by whiling away time in aimless daydreaming and fantasizing. Such people confuse vision with idle daydreaming, in which your mind wanders off in a directionless way into a fantasy that cannot be turned into reality or worse still a situation that you have no desire to experience.

Another way in which people squander creative imagination is by using it negatively. Some people unwittingly use their creative imagination to create bad events. This may lead to formation or development of inferiority complex in such people, as they may create scenarios and thoughts of inferiority from their imagination. So, they typically, imagine rejection, failure, criticism, shame, hatred, scarcity, and loneliness instead of acceptance, lessons, love, abundance, and togetherness. How do you think you are using your imagination if you are trapped in fear, anxiety, or worry about what other people think of you? It is a classic case of wasted creative imagination.

Here’s a small checklist of questions that you can ask yourself to be aware about your current way of thinking.

  • What is your attitude towards people who are better than you in certain areas of your life?
  • How do you feel towards people who are more attractive than you.
  • How do you feel towards people who are your superiors at work? Do you feel inferior to them? Do you feel they are better than you?
  • Do you feel the need to “pull” you superiors down from their podium by criticizing?
  • Do you become inspired, excited and thrilled to see the successes of your colleagues and seniors?

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