Develop Your Concentration

Develop Your Concentration

Develop Your Concentration, Mind Training,A high level of concentration is necessary to display top quality acting. Concentration activates your belief, impulses, and imagination.

Concentration is not abstract. Often you will hear teachers or directors telling actors to concentrate and focus. But what is it that they are asking to focus on? You have to concentrate on something real and something specific that evokes real thought. You cannot fake or pretend thinking. Some real, serious thinking needs to be done.

The first exercise we attempt in the method to build concentration, and belief in what we are doing on stage, is the Sense Memory exercise.

It is believed that we realize the world through our senses. We see, we hear, we smell, we touch, we taste. This is what stimulates us as human beings. It’s also understood that the memory of these senses can affect us. Whenever we feel hungry, we think of our favorite food and our mouth waters, or when we hear a song, it might remind us of a relationship we had. So, in this way our memories are strongly linked to our senses.

You can begin with a simple exercise to develop your concentration and sense memory.

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