Ego refers to consciousness of our own identity. We are not new to this concept, as we all deal with egos both ours and others. While we have heard of inflated egos, they can be sensitive too!

Here’s a list of signs of ego sensitivity in people. People with high ego sensitivity are:

  • Slightly anxious at social situations and their sweaty hands are an easy give-away here Intolerant to authority
  • Extremely nervous during interviews, and may end up stammering the answers
  • Prone to getting hurt even by an innocent negative comment

Ego, Acting, Facing EgoThe chief concern of people with such fragile egos is to protect their egos from being hurt by biting comments or stares. The problem is that potentially every social situation can hurt their ego because of which they choose to stay away from them. Additionally, they become easy targets for bullies, which further discourage them from any desire to mingle or gain social acceptance. Eventually, they end up becoming extremely lonely. Unfortunately, people with such sensitive egos do not find refuge even at home, as even parents and siblings fail to understand their situation and reprimand them for the way they are, for being asocial.

It is typical for people with sensitive ego to be tested in adulthood when they have to work under authoritative figures. A way these people use to channelize their energies is that they read, observe, and acquire a lot of knowledge. They also, however, underline their cultivated skill set with a sense of superiority. So, sooner or later even if they get a job, they might quit the job in a fortnight because according to them, they are smarter than their boss. This sense of superiority worsens their problem because they cannot accept authority well. In short, their attitude doesn’t allow them to fit in any kind of situation necessary to run life smoothly. Also, it is common knowledge that ‘kiss up, kick down’ attitude is prevalent in most organizations. Their life can get really miserable in such places. In a bid to avoid confronting an authoritative person in a job situation, they may pursue arts such as music, dance, creative writing, etc. However, success in almost all endeavors favors the person with a healthy ego and they fail to taste any success even in their chosen fields. Thus, the inability to feel at ease in any type of social situation doesn’t just keep them from achieving their personal goals, but also affects their professional aspirations.

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