Face Exercises and Movement Games

Face Exercises and Movement Games

Exercises for the Face

  • Hang your head
  • Close your eyes tightly. Relax them. Open them. Rest.
  • Open your eyes wide. Make your brow wrinkled. Relax. Rest
  • Frown. Bring your eyebrows close together. Relax. Rest
  • Keep your lips closed and give a wide smile. Relax. Rest
  • Keep your mouth wide open. Breathe in deeply. Sigh and exhale. Rest.
  • Repeat yawning – vocalize gently by say “Aaaah” on each yawn.

Face Exercises, Movement GamesNote: Although these exercises have been carefully designed, they should be advised at the discretion of an able practitioner. These exercises can be modified to suit the need of the moment. Once you have learned these exercises from trainers, practice regularly. Under advice, you can even devise exercises for yourself bearing in mind the guidelines.
Some Movement Games

A Name Game

You can play this game to introduce students to each other. Once students are acquainted with one another, they feel comfortable moving in front of each other. Let all the students form a circle, facing each other. Teachers may also participate. The one whose turn it is to begin should tell others what their name is and while doing so, they should perform some kind of movement. It could be anything like turning a full circle or touching their toes. After the person is done with their introduction, class should repeat the person’s name and perform the same movement all at once. Then it will be the turn of the second person to introduce themselves while performing a movement. Now, the class should repeat the first person’s name and movement, and the second person’s name and movement. At that point, the third person adds his or her own piece. When everyone in the circle has finished, the class as one should be able to repeat each person’s name and movement in succession.


  • Developing a working process for creating movement
  • Practicing body listening
  • Focus on character- movement stemming from impulse- go back into the physicalization – work to create a repeatable sequence
  • Continue the idea of allowing movement to come out of the body
  • Play with exaggerating the quality, the use of body parts
  • Allow the quality to influence what you are doing-play with the extremes and the opposites.
  • Let your body explore
  • Possibilities of working with a prop include transformation -allowing the prop to act upon the character- exaggerating the way the prop is used

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