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Film and Finance

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One must remember that every step in the film making process, every resource human and material and machines involved in it are costs, and one cannot move a single step forward into media production without paying that cost. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of balancing money matters and creativity, but you want to convert your idea into a film, approach a producer, who has the requisite skills and experience and pitch your film idea.

Pitching Your Idea

To pitch an idea and get the desired people interested in it, you should develop the idea into a full story from beginning to end. This will not just give the producer a clear picture about your idea during the meeting but will also enable you to answer all his queries about locations, casting, characters etc. If you have a hang of writing scripts, you can do it yourself. Otherwise you can avail the services of an experienced film writer. If the writer is a friend or relative he or she may help you out without charging anything or a little amount. If not, you can agree to pay the writer’s fee on deferred basis after the idea is approved and finances are in place.

One thin that will make you a winner while pitching and ensure that you clinch the deal is your passion for the idea and the conviction with which you present it. Obviously, no one will be interested in investing millions of rupees on an unconvincing idea by an equally dispassionate person. Yes, film making is not some easy getaway. It often takes millions of rupees and several years of hard work to get a film to the releasing stage. It is a long journey from paper to screen. As a newcomer to this industry, remember that only your passion and knowledge of you subject may interest some producer to invest in your film. Often, people who pitch well are the ones who get the financial support to see their dream projects turn into reality. If the person hearing your pitch agrees to come on board, he becomes the Producer of your film.

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