Film Finance Package

Film Finance Package

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The film finance package that you hand over to your financiers should include details of your film project – both conceptual and financial. Let us look at the things that will make this package complete.

Cover Sheet

This is the fist page of the film package and it should contain basic information about the film project. Putting such details in short will help the financier get crucial details such as:

  • The name, address and phone number of the person to be contacted for any additional information.
  • The date when the request was first raised
  • Tje estimated budget of the film
  • A brief confidentiality statement


In this section, you should describe the film and specify the budget requested, state how the loan/investment will be repaid, and identify collateral, if any. All these details should be included in not more than two pages.

As the financier will read this part of the film finance package first, it is a good idea to include some of the artwork for the proposed film or a photograph of key location or planned location, pictures of cast members in their character costumes, or any other information that will convey more about the film. This is the place start creating a positive image for the producer and the film project.

Although the summary appears at the beginning,you should complete all other sections of the package first before returning to this section to answer the following question.’

Description of the Project

This should provide target audience of following questions:

  • Who is the target audience of the film?
  • How long has the project been in existence?
  • How long has the production team been working on the project?
  • What makes the film a good project?
  • What will the potential returns from marketing the film worldwide be?

Amount of budget requested from the Financiers

This section should specify the reasons the production requires the requested funds. Here it is a good idea to describe how you will use the proceeds. Also specify the total amount you need and the duration.

How does the producer propose to repay the loan/return Investments?

You need to mention how you plan to repay the loan. Will you repay in a lump sum or in installments ? When will the repayment be made> Where will the funds coming from to make the payments on the loan? Give details of the estimated return on investment stating tentative dates when you may be able to repay financiers can be expected based upon gross receipts.


It is important to state what you will put up as collateral in case you opt for a loan. Also,provide an estimate value of the collateral and the method used to arrive at the specified value.

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