Film financial

Film financial

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Financial Status and History

Start by giving the potential financier a snapshot of the production entity’s current financial position. By submitting a balance sheet, you give the financier a clear indication of where you stand financially.

After you give the balance sheet, you may not even have to provide an income statement, it is essential to prepare a production budge, which addresses several crucial questions:

  • How much funds are required for the completion of the project?
  • When is this money needed?
  • Why is the money needed?
  • How will the money be repaid?

Careful presentation of the budget is necessary to increase your chances of winning over the financier.

Justification for the investment or Loan

This is the part of the proposal where the best arguments for the investment or loan should be presented. The financier has already received information about the project, it past, present and future operations. You have already stated your financial requirement and/or explained your reasons for request of additinal funds and your repayment plan.

If you have conscientiously completed the preceding parts of the film finance package, the financier will already hace a favorable opinion of you and your project. All you hace to do in this section is close the sale by presenting financial facts in an accurate and logical manner.

Supporting Documents

This section should include other documents, which will be of interest to the investor/lender such as

  • Organization papers for your production entity
  • Letters of intent and or agreements with key member of the cast and crew
  • Budgets
  • Option agreements such as literary property acquisition agreements and copyrights
  • Distribution agreements, if any
  • Letters of credit and or letters of intent from other financiers and or distributors.
  • Insurance policies and or any other documents related to important legal commitments.

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