Karate versus Judo

Karate versus Judo

Karate versus Judo, Karate, JudoThe martial art forms of Karate and Judo are of Japanese origin. Both have their distinctive forms. Judo can be understood as a soft martial art that incorporates body maneuvers against an opponent. Karate on the other hand is a hard martial art where blows are landed on an opponent’s body.

A Karate expert or Karateka will strike his opponent unlike a Judo expert or Judoka who will endeavor to throw his opponent. A Karateka will attack a man until he submits whereas a Judoka will grapple with or trap an opponent, and try to exhaust his opponent.

A Karateka gets his energy from mother earth and brings it into play against his opponent in the form of blocks and counter assaults. A Judoka will draw away energy from his opponent and redirect it towards mother earth by tossing the opponent down.

Points in the sport of Karate are earned through kicking and punching. In Judo, points are to be had by grappling and throwing the opponent, similar to the sport of wrestling. In Judo, balancing the body in relation to its weight vis-à-vis the opponent will decide the way a fight progresses, In Karate, hands are used to deliver karate chops and legs to deliver kicks.

Karate as a martial art uses attack and aggression. Judo as a martial art is founded on the principle of defense. Karate can be dramatic unlike Judo, which for the most part is all about grappling. Blocking blows and landing them on opponents or smashing boards or objects make karate quite spectacular as a form of martial art. This would explain why Judo does not feature as much in movies as does karate. Karate’s popularity can be gauged from the number of Bruce Lee films and many more.

Judo and Karate as fighting techniques are fundamentally different. Judo does not stress brute force; on the contrary, it is all about gentle but firm defensive attitude. As has been said earlier, in Judo you learn to balance the body in relation to its weight vis-à-vis the opponent. How effectively you use this determines your getting the upper hand in a Judo fight. Karate is aggressive and about direct confrontation where you boldly block the opponent’s moves and vigorously attacking him using your hands and legs.

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