Making Appointments with Financiers

Making Appointments with Financiers

Making Appointments with Financiers, Film Finance, Film and Finance, Film FinanciersThe golden rule a producer needs to follow is to not drop-in on a potential financier without an appointment. A casual, informal visit may leave an unfavorable impression on the potential financier and significantly decrease the producer’s chances of procuring finances. One must never forget that financier producer partnership is a business deal, and adopt a professional approach to see the deal materialize. The right approach is to call and fix an appointment at a time and place convenient to both the financier and producer.

While fixing the appointment it is best to request for sufficient time to make the oral presentation. About 30 minutes would be ideal, considering that you may have to provide detailed answers to the questions raised by the financier. If the financier cannot give you the time you need postpone the presentation instead of giving an abbreviated presentation, which may end up leaving poor impression on the financier.

Most importantly, before presenting your project get assurances from the financier that the information shared will be kept in confidence.

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