Martial Arts Formats

Martial Arts Formats

Martial Arts Formats, Martial Arts, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu,
This form is very popular in the United States of America and Korea. This form of martial art is centered on kicking. Punches are used to distant or distract the opponent and kicks are used to fight.

Kung Fu
This form of martial arts is among the earliest forms, which are believed to be the base of many other forms of martial arts. The term Kung Fu means skill that is acquired through hard work. Most Kung Fu styles were derived from the original Shaolin Kung fu, which was a combination of Indian martial arts and Chinese fighting methods.

Some Major Kung Fu Branches

Wing Chun Gong Fu
This form of Kung Fu was created by a woman for self defence so that weaker people had some way to protect themselves. This form uses a lot of speed. Bruce Lee studied this form of marital art. When he created the form Jun Fan Gong Fu, it took up about 60 percent of the art from this form.

Praying Mantis Gong Fu
This form uses the movements of the praying mantis. It was one of the arts that was taught at the Shaolin temple.

A Japanese form of martial art orignally, today people use this word to mean Brazilian ju jitsu. Jujitsu was studied even by the ninjas. Jujitsu is similar to wrestling. In its classical form it centers on pinning the opponent down. A shortcoming of this form is that once real combat became less common people who had mastered this art had to practice the moves without real opponents. This form of martial art became illegal because of its lethal nature. For these reasons, judo is preferred as it is designed like a sport.

Let us first understand what this form means. It can be broken up into Ai, which means love or peaceful, Ki, which means energy or spirit or universal spirit as well as other things, and Do, which means path or way. In this form of marital art, you overpower your opponent without harming him. Meditating helps you do Aikido better. The founder of this form of art could push people just by using his energy. This is a very subtle form of energy and is called Ki. The only drawback here is that it takes a lot of time before someone learns to defeat an enemy peacefully. Many followers of the form don’t meditate for as long as is required to truly master the art.

This form is more like taekwondo. Used in the modern world it is a practical form of defense for many police forces around the world.

Kyuki-Do as a form of martial art is a modern type. It uses a mix of judo throws, jujitsu techniques, wrestling skills, hapkido joint locks, taekwondo kicks and some punches and to top it all kobudo weaponary styles, which is not like modern firearms but more to get in touch with the old essence of martial arts, old philosophies, old theories & modern methods

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