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Media Production

Like any other industrial production, media production also follows the same cycle, where an input is subjected to a production process to achieve an output that is fit for mass consumption.

||| INPUT >>> Production Process >>> Output

The biggest difference between industrial and media production is that in the former, the input or raw material is some tangible entity like wood, metal, ores etc., whereas is case of the latter the input is an intangible one – THE IDEA.

All Starts with an IDEA
the starting point for media production is an IDEA. and IDEA can inspire, motivate ans drive one to create a media product that one feels has the potential to inspire others.

Ideas are everywhere. You can find story ideas in daily newspapers, in books, from lives of people around you and more. You might get inspired by a single event that occurred on a bus or train, an interaction between two people that strikes you as funny or poignant, a grandfather who told you wonderful stories when you were a child, or a favorite teacher. Alternatively, you might have a compelling need to express something about the social conditions in your neighborhood, state, nation or the world at large. All these and more can be the beginning of a story.

if you think your idea has the potential of being turned into a film or television program, you need to develop it into a script which could be an outline based on your idea, a fully developed story, or full blown screen play (also known as bound script) with scenes, action and dialogue of each scene. This phase of media produciton is called the development stage of the project.

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