National Film Development Corporation

National Film Development Corporation

National Film Development CorporationNational Film Development Corporation (NFDC) finances films made by filmmakers, who find it hard to procure funding from regular sources. However, NFDC doesn’t really play a central role in the film industry, as it finances very few films, of which most do not even fall under mainstream cinema that has made the Indian film industry so vibrant. Of course, it is to DFDC’s credit that without it, some of India’s best filmmakers wouldn’t have got a break in the industry. So far, the NFDC and its predecessor the film Finance corporation has successfully funded over 300 films in several Indian languages. These films earned critical acclaim and have won many national and international awards. Some of their well known films includes Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, Raghu Romeo, Rudaali, and Salaam Bombay, etc. Another glitch with NFDC is that it funds films only at the production stage and ignores film marketing, which is just as important, if not more in today’s age and time. In addition, a director/writer has to adhere to strict terms and conditions to receive funding for his or her film.

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