Oral Presentation

Oral Presentation

Oral Presentation, Presentation, Presentation TipsBefore beginning the presentation, a producer should provide a comprehensive view of his or her background and the proposed project so that the financiers know all they should. You will benefit from demonstrating that you are a professional in producing film.

It is not necessary to repeat the entire contents of the written film finance package at the oral presentation. Instead, convey to the financier that you:

  • Respect his or her ability to understand the project
  • Can and will repay the investment/load over time

Presentation Guide

Although every meeting with a financier is different, here’s a list of steps that you need to follow almost each time.

  1. Start with introduction and exchange business cards
  2. Provide a review of past conversations in order to put the meeting in context
  3. Describe in brief your role as producer, the project and the film’s profit potential
  4. Briefly discuss the proposed above the line and below the line costs and potential sources of revenues
  5. Invite the financier to pose questions and in response hand the written film finance package to him or her
  6. Allow the financier to review the film finance package without interruption, after which he or she should be invited again to pose questions
  7. Check with the financier about when you can make the first follow up phone call
  8. Express pleasure at having met the financier and give a warm shake hand before leaving, do not extend your stay beyond the duration you had requested for

Remember that you should not show the film finance package until you reach step five. If the written package is give to the financier beforehand, he or she may not listen to a single word of your oral presentation and may instead pick up the film finance package and start leafing through the sections. Hence, keep the film finance package out of sight until you complete your presentation and invite questions from the financier.

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