Overall Sensation and Personal Object Exercise

Overall Sensation and Personal Object Exercise

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Overall Sensation Exercise

This part can be a bit uncomfortable. Take a cold shower….for real. Then later try and recreate this event in your mind’s eye. Use all your senses to relive the cold shower. Once you have done this for 15-20 minutes, try saying the lines from a monologue while imagining and recreating the experience of the cold shower. This will have quite an impact on your senses, which in turn will have a significant effect on the way you say your lines.

Personal Object Exercise

By now, you are probably getting the hang of this exercising concept. This time around, find out a personal object from your own life that has important meaning to you. Take this object and really focus on it. Explore it from a sense point of view. How does it look, smell, taste, feel, and sound? While doing this, start saying the lines from a monologue. Do nothing more than investigating the object and its complex elaborate details, and simultaneously speak out the lines. The memory of the object will impact the way that you say the lines of the character.

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