Parts of Story Telling

Parts of Story Telling, Story Telling, Story

Parts of Story Telling

These are the main parts of any story:
1 – Setting
2 – Plot
3 – Characters
4 – Conflicts
5 – Point of View


The time and place in which a story takes place

  • Time : Historical Period, Time of Day, Season
  • Place : City, Location, Home or School
  • Weather Conditions : Rainy, Sunny, Stormy
  • Social Conditions : Culture, Traditions


It is the sequence of events in the story

  • Introduction : The beginning of the story where the characters and the setting Revealed.
  • Rising Action : This is where the events in the story become complicated and the conflict in the story is revealed.
  • Climax : This the highest point of interest and the turning point of the story.
  • Falling Action : The events and complications begin to resolve.
  • Denouement : This is the final outcome of event in the story


Conflict is essential to plot. Without conflict there is no plot

: These are the types of conflict: INTERNAL and EXTERNAL

  • Man vs Man : (External) The leading character struggles eith his physical strength against other men or struggles against ideas, practices or customs of other people.
  • Man vs Nature : (External) Against forces of nature or animals.
  • Man vs Self : (Internal) The leading character struggles with himself with his/her own soul, ideas of right or wrong, physical limitation, choices etc.


The people in the story. In fiction it may be an object or animal.

  • Main Characters and supporting characters.
  • Protagonist and Antagonist.
  • Traits and Motivations
  • Relationships and Point of View
  • Changes


In order for a story to seem real to the reader its characters must seem real. Characterization is the information the author gives the reader about the charters themselves. The author may reveal a character in several ways.

  • His/her physical appearance.
  • What he/she says, thinks, feels and dreams.
  • What others say about him/her and how others react to him/her.

Point of View

  • First person point of view.
  • Third person point of view

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