Pitching an Idea for Television Concept

Pitching an Idea for Television Concept

Pitching an Idea for Television Concept, Television concept, T.V., TV, T.V. Finance, Financing for Television, T.V. Concept Financing Pitching a concept for a TV show or drama is pretty much the same as pitching for films. The only difference being that pitching for TV shows happens at many levels starting from the channel’s Development Executive to the Executive Producer and finally to the Programming head.

Even before you pitch your idea, you need to write a treatment or a brief synopsis of your idea and explain hot it will make a good television concept. Treatment is not as detailed as a script. A television treatment is usually about 1-5 pages in length, written in simple lucid language. You need to present the treatment to the channel’s development executive (DE), who is the channel’s first point contact for accepting or rejecting fresh content.

If the DE likes your treatment he or she will ask you to present a more detailed story line and will arrange for another meeting with someone senior like and Executive Producer (EP). After clearing this stage,you need to meet the Programming head with a fully developed script before your project gets commissioned for production. This is also called green lighting a project.

You may wonder why look for a producer or a financier if the channel will pay for producing the programme for two chief reasons

  1. Firstly, the channel will ask you to produce the pilot at your own cost and risk. A pilot is a Video sample of the story or the series approved by the channel. The pilot helps the channel heads to see if yo have the expertise to convert your story from paper to screen in a way that they think will appeal to the audience. Pilot is usually the first episode and more often than not is later scrapped. producing a pilot costs is a lot of money. Going by the current market rates, producing a decent pilot programme while you are still at the writing stage will cost you anything above seven lakh India Rupees. This is a risk, as the channel may reject the pilot if they do not like.
  2. Secondly, even if you produce a brilliant pilot that is approved by all the channel heads and you get a Production go agead, it will be many months before you actually see the color of money. This is how channel producer contracts usually work. in most cases, it is 60 – 90 days after the telecasted of the episode

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