Pre Qualify the Financier

Pre Qualify the Financier

Pre Qualify the Financier, Film Finance, Film and Finance, Film FinanciersObtaining funds to finance a film project can be a time consuming task especially as there are different types of financiers. The producer cans save the and avoid difficulties by screening out those financiers that are not interested in the genre or type of films the producer wants to make also, the producers should sift out the ones he or she wouldn’t want to work with on a personal level maybe because the financier has a bad reputation or is known to be dishonest.

Before calling potential financiers, producers, producers should plan the phone presentation. The phone presentation should inform the potential contact about the film project and the producer’s reasons for calling them.

Some facts that the producer should get from the contact are:

  • The name and designation of the right person to discuss finance with
  • The contact’s involvement in financing the film production
  • The duration required to present the film package
  • The financier’s expected returns and other details about loan, current interest rated, and the need for compensating balance, if any.

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