Preparing to Approach the Financier

Preparing to Approach the Financier

Preparing to Approach the Financier, Film and Finance, Film Finance, Film FinanciersThe first meeting with the financier can leave a lasting impression. To create the right impression the producer should adhere to the following practices.

Dress Appropriately

Some financiers may consider the way a producer dresses for the meeting as reflective of his or her seriousness about the project. The producer should wear cloths with which the financier can identify to leave a strong first impression. Also, as producer is seeking the financier’s participation ins the project, it is essential that the producer treat the meeting as a special occasion and act and dress accordingly.

Exude Confidence

A producer’s competence is one of the most important factors that the financiers consider while deciding to support a film project. Some questions that run through a financier’s mind would be: How well does the producer know the entertainment business? How sure is the producer that the investment/loan can be returned/repaid on time and that a profit can be realized or interest paid? What makes the producer confident about his or her project? Does the producer show confidence in his or her ability to master manage the many demands that arise during film production?

Remember that your persona should act as a positive response to all these questions that arise in the financier’s mind. The solution here is to be self assured and exude confidence in yourself and your project.

Volunteer Negative Information

It is best not to keep any negative information from the financier, even if such information may ruin your chances of obtaining finances. This is because volunteering the truth will make the financiers see you as an honest person. Chances are, they may be willing to back you in spite of the background truths. On the other hand, if you hold back information, which the financier later discovers through his sources, your chances of getting funds will be significantly reduced.

Make the Presentation Personally

It is not just important for the producer to participate in preparation of the film finance package but also to present it and have answers for some expected question form the financier. It is best not to rely on anybody else to perform such crucial tasks. However, you can designate someone to supply any additional information requested by the financier to analyze the film finance package. The designated person should come into the picture and answer question only after the producer has completed the presentation.

Anticipate Questions

Be prepared and anticipate questions related to the project that may arise and write out the answers in advance. You can also jot down questions that you would like to ask the financier.

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