Pretest Your Idea

Pretest Your Idea

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It is advisable to pretest your idea before you approach a producer or even before you set out to hire a professional writer to flesh out the idea into a story and screenplay. Remember it is important that your story idea is written in a way that it sounds original, interesting and most of all it is able to evoke emotion.

Some of the things your fleshed out idea should include are:

  • A short note or a one pager as it is usually called
  • Title
  • Casting Ideas for at least some main characters

Such a draft will serve as a good pitching script later with suggestions and improvements incorporated after pretesting.

Isn’t this an exciting idea and aren’t the characters interesting? Keep this outline as a benchmark and compare the sketch with it. In fact, if you analyze the core idea of almost all great movies, you will realize that they are intriguing and interesting.

While pretesting your idea, read it and honestly assess if it really sounds good. If your are confident it does, move to the next step by showing it to a few like minded friends. To ensure and unbiased opinion, don’t tell them that it is your idea. Just tell them that this is the outline of some soon releasing film. Analyze their visible reactions and comments. This will tell you how exciting or otherwise you idea is.

if you find your friends’ reaction positive, pretest your idea with some people who are not known to you personally but are film buffs or fiction readers. You can find such people through friends or acquaintances, or if you are lucky at some film or literary fest or may be at some film/literary circle.

It is good idea to print your idea on a piece of paper along with two more ideas of the same genre and ask them to rate the idea in order of preference. Talk to them and get their honest comments and reactions. If your idea doesn’t rank well, it means that either you haven’t developed it will enough or it lacks the basics of a good idea. You need to take it from here and work to create a well developed script.

On the other hand, if your idea is like by all, proceed to find a producer or start arranging for finances on your won to convert your idea from paper to screen.

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