Production Team Details

Production Team Details

Production Team Details, production team, film production team, film productionProduction is a team effort and your film finance package should dwell on this aspect. You need to acquaint the financier with your team and working, as they are backing not just your project but also your team.

Key People

Key people are the individual in the project who should be difficult to replace or whose absence would have a negative effect on the project and project success. Key people are important to the financier because their presence or absence may affect the producer’s ability to return the financier’s investment or repay any loans. Typically, the list of key people will include the director, chief cast member, writers, cinematographers. and co-producers, if any.

The overview of your key members should provide the following information about each of them:

  • The key person’s name.
  • A brief statement of experience or credits.
  • Ownership or financial involvement in the production.

While you will provide detailed information about each key member in his or her respective resume, but this overview will help you to demonstrate that seasoned people are involved in you project.

Unless there are an unusually large number of people involved in the production, this section should not exceed beyond a page. In addition to this, provide individual one page resumes for each of your key people.

Personal Financial Statements

Depending upon your relationship with the financier and the history of your prior projects personal financial statements may not be relevant. However, if the production plan calls for a personal guarantee of any loan, and it often does, you may have to furnish personal financial statements in connectio with any presentaion to a financiers. As a rule, as a loan guarantee, one has to provide completed balance sheets and income statements.

Personal Insurance

Some financier or lenders may demand that life of the key people be insured. For this purpose, list the following details of each key person whose life insurance is required:

  • Name
  • Amount of whole life insurance and beneficiary
  • Amount of any term life insurance and beneficiary
  • Amount of liability insurance with the production entity listed as beneficiary

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