Protecting and Production of Your Film Idea

Protecting and Production of Your Film Idea

Protecting and Production of Your Film Idea, Film Production, idea protection

Before we understand the production process of film or any TV program including book publishing or novel publishing, it is important that we touch on procedures to be followed to protect your original idea. You, of course, don’t want five more films/serials/books/novels to ape your concept. Worse still, have someone steal your concept and release their product before you do.

Protection of your IDEA

Ideas, especially original Ideas, are the core of films or any other project of publishing in which story in involved. So, they need to be protected. Once you put your idea on paper and developed it into a story, it should be guarded from plagiarism whether intentional or co-incidental.

For Mumbai-Based(Indian Film Industry based) writers, the best approach is to become a member of the Film Writers Association (FWA) in Andheri West, Mumbai, and register you idea with them. Other states and their respective film industries have similar such associations to safeguard the rights of artists and writers.

The Film Writers Association membership procedure is simple and the registration fee is nominal about one rupee per page or script and it can be up to five rupees. It is advisable to register your script at all stages of development. Though registering with FWA does not grant copyright to your work, it certainly gives your work a record date which can be useful if you want to take someone who has stolen your story to the court of law.

Another thing that you need to hold on to and protect is STORY TITLES. The truth is that stories are known by their names, which play a major role in drawing the audiences too. This is especially true in case of films.

Film Titles are central to the story idea and every filmmaker will grab and hold on to an apt title for his or her film. In addition, a film’s title gives it a unique identity. Imagine the confusion if two films with the same title were released at the same date or same time. it will not only confuse the audience but also mean loss of potential buyers for filmmakers. Thus, ti is imperative to protect film and television titles.

Register you title

One can register titles with the Association of Motion Picture and Television Program Producers (AMPTPP) and the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA). To register Titles, you need to be a member of these Mumbai-Based associations by paying a nominal fee. The good part is that anyone can become a member after paying a nominal fee, which as on now is thee thousand five hundred rupees.

These Associations also allow you to look for already registered titles in all languages before you apply to register your title. These associations hold a monthly meeting where new titles are discussed. If your title is approved in the meeting, you get that title You can register and retain your title for a reasonable three hundred rupees a year. As per the new guide lines issued by IMPPA to curb some malpractices, one can only hold a title for two years.

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