Ramp Walk

Ramp Walk

A Ramp is a narrow platform, usually a kind of protrusion from a stage, on which models show new trend of clothing and accessories during a fashion show.

Ramp WalkTypically, a model walks on the Ramp or Runway in a fashion, which is totally different from a normal person’s walk. It is said that this walk is specially designed by the experts from the field of Fashion to accentuate the clothes or accessories presented by the models. Walks on Ramp are different as they need a lot of confidence and grace to be displayed. Of course, it also necessary that the model displays the fashion effectively while walking on the ramp. Usually a walk on the ramp always reminds about a Catwalk. Every contestant has to learn the Catwalk before entering the show. This walk is just a basic step to enter. Almost all fashion models want to be a successful runway model and a regular face on the Ramp.

So, why as an actor do you need to know about ramp walking? The way you walk plays an important part in the overall development of physical movement and on your presentation of yourself. When the camera starts rolling and you are required to walk a few steps before delivering your lines or walk and deliver your lines at the same time, most of us become very conscious. This makes the body appear stiff and suggests that you are not really walking but enacting the walking part. Your walk must look natural. In acting, walking fast might be just a little easier than walking slowly.

To get an idea of what a natural walk should look like, refer to these tips –

• Focus straight ahead of you
• Get your balance right if you are required to wear heels
• Swing your shoulders and arms, but not much
• Leave your hands in a relaxed state and don’t curl your fingers
• Don’t lift your knees too much
• Keep your upper arm in close and attached tight to your body. This technique will help you so that only the bottom half swings

Try It Now

Try practicing this walking style at home to loosen your body so that you do not appear stiff when required to act and walk

Remember, the walking style can change depending on the mood of the scene. When you are happy, your walk will be different from that when you are sad or disappointed. The personality of your character will also determine the way you walk. In addition to the grace and poise that ramp walking teaches you, who knows you may need to enact a model onscreen. Who can forget Priyanka Chopra or Kangana Ranaut in Fashion?

Both actress won the National Award for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively in 2009 for their performance in the Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie Fashion.

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