Sounds You Can Practice

Sounds You Can Practice

Sounds You Can Practice, Voice And Speech, Voice Quality, Diction and Practicing,

Sounds You Can Practice

Pleasant Sounds

  • Baby, children sounds
  • Bedtime, morning time and sleeping sounds
  • Clapping and applause
  • Dance lesson and music lesson sounds
  • Laughing sounds by babies, children and others

Irritating Sounds

  • Annoying and bothersome sounds
  • Belching and burping
  • Coughing and gagging
  • Eating sound effects
  • Hiccup sound effects
  • Pain sounds
  • Spitting sounds
  • Sneezing, sniffing and nose sounds
  • Snore and snoring sounds

Neutral Sounds

  • Breathing sound effects
  • Crying – babies, children, teens, adults
  • Drinking sound effects
  • Funny sounds
  • Gargling sounds
  • Kissing sounds
  • Mouth, tongue and lip sounds
  • Pain sounds
  • Yawn and yawning sounds
  • Vomit sounds
  • Whistling sounds
  • Sighing sounds
  • Illness sounds
  • Walking and running sounds
  • Tap dancing sounds
  • Satisfaction and relief sounds
  • Stair climbing sounds
  • Heartbeat sounds

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