Speech and Text

Speech and Text

Speech and TextThe voice has to be a ‘living voice’, meaning it has to touch the public, not only to communicate dry facts. The living way of speaking has rhythm and tempo; it is like poetry, or better like when singing a song. It should spread around like a church bell, or like the delicate whispering of a summer wind. Feeling for the inner tempo-rhythm of a text is the secret of the ‘living voice’.

To say the text, an actor has to make it logical and interesting, so the public understands the thoughts beneath it. An actor has to pass these thoughts to the public. He has to do it in the most convincing way.

This is a field of precision and elaboration connected to the body in the way it functions and in its breathing; the use of the vocal line, the use of pauses and comas in a conscious way to hold the phrase or to close it, the use of different resonators to speak with force. All of this is actor’s technical responsibility.

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