Television Production in India

Television Production in India

Television Production in India, Television Production, T.V. Production, T.V Program Production in India, DD, DoordarshanTelevision Production in India has grown leaps and bounds since 1990’s. In its earlier days, when there existed only one channel, the government-owned Doordarshan (DD), the programming was handled in house. Popularity of its shows encouraged DD to churn out more shows and it adopted the western approach to production by commissioning programs to private producers, who produced the show in much less than the given budget to earn their profits. Although the channel was the producer, it hardly exercise any creative control on the program content. As result, many badly produced show were telecaster. This continued for some time, as DD was the only channel and faced no challenge. But the run of poor quality fare did not last long.

In early 1990s, satellite broadcasting led to the emergence of channels like Zee, Sony and Star Plus. Right form the beginning, these channels improved on DD’s shortcomings and exercise tough creative control although they followed the commissioning model of DD.

The boom in satellite television channels and growing base of viewers has made television production as big as that of films. Thus, producer will bet on an idea that will be both innovative and selling. Thus, pitching concepts to producers has become highly competitive. Let us look at effective pitching for television and its role in garnering finance to help you convert the concept into reality.

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