The Way People Want to Hear You

The Way People Want to Hear You

The Way People Want to Hear You, Voice, Voice And Speech, Voice Quality, The Actor and the Voice, Acting,People would rather like that you spoke in a manner familiar to them, very similar to the way people around them speak. When sounds, rhythm, pitch, pace, volume are familiar, people listen with ease. Or else they have to strain every nerve trying to understand what they think are strangely emphasized words, unfamiliar rhythms or badly presented speech.

In real life, we are using our natural pitch, pace, volume, emphasis, phrasing and so on when talking. With the passage of time, the human brain has become accustomed to the natural speech patterns it has been hearing and so it is programmed to hear in exactly this manner. The way we talk is the way our societies listen and understand. They listen for the sounds that they are used to in everyday life and these are instantly processed and understood.

Remember, if you are working professionally as a speaker or communicator do not try to experiment with new unnecessary sounds, rhythms and styles of speech, just because you happen to be presenting or acting. When you divert from the course of natural informal speech, your alternative speech pattern jams the brains of the person/s listening. The listening brain is usually a little lazy and doesn’t want to push itself hard. It wants and waits for the familiar rhythms, sounds, and impulses of your mother tongue or of natural communication so that its work is considerably reduced. The brain is able to process and store familiar sounds faster. The faster it does this, the easier it is able to keep pace with the information flow and pay attention to remain effortlessly engaged.

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