Understanding Media and its Types

Understanding Media and its Types, Media, Media Types, Understanding media types

Understanding Media and its Types

Media is the buzzword these days. So, what exactly Media is?
Media is Plural of the latin word ‘Medium’ , which means a middle state or condition. In other words, Media is the means or channels through which information flows from the sender to the intended receiver. When the communication is meant for a larger group of people, media assumes the role of mass media and serves as a channel of general communication, information or entertainment in the society. Including Newspapers, T.V. Channels, Radio, Internet all are the part of media or the definition of Media.

Media Types

Media can be broadly classified in to two types one is Traditional Media and other is Non-Traditional Media. Let us look at its types in brief details.

Traditional Media

Traditional Media are the means of communication that have existed since prehistoric times. Other traditional media forms include paintings, dance forms and formats, theater, books, puppetry etc.

News papers is one form of media that belongs to both traditional and non-traditional media category, as the first newspaper was published by Roman Empire around 59 BC in the form of government announcement bulletins. With the help of technological advancement newspapers became a medium for mass communication and were available for mass consumption.

Non-Traditional Media

Non-Traditional media are modern forms of media that emerged during or after the industrial Revolution. Examples Including Radio, Television, Films and new still-emerging forms such as internet and mobile.

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